The bwin体育苹果下载iOS is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). The Privacy 政策 below explain the basis on which bwin体育苹果下载iOS (“LFA/we/us/our”) will collect and process personal data about you (“you/your”).

We take our obligations in respect of the privacy of personal data very seriously and we will only process personal information as detailed in these policies, 除非我方另有通知. In order to ensure that the personal data we hold is accurate and up to date, we request that you inform us of any relevant changes to the personal information we hold about you.

你是否对资料保障事宜有任何疑问, 请不要犹豫,通过电子邮件与我们联系

Please consult the document applicable to you below to see how we may collect and use your personal information.


根据数据保护立法,您享有各种权利. 这些包括:

  • The right to ask us not to process your personal data for direct marketing purposes, 即使你已经同意了;
  • 如果我们的处理是基于您的同意, the right to withdraw any consent you may have given for our processing of your data – if you exercise this right, we will be required to stop such processing if consent is the sole lawful ground on which we are processing that data;
  • 有权要求我们查阅我们所持有的有关您的资料;
  • The right to ask us to rectify any data that we hold about you that is inaccurate or incomplete;
  • 在某些情况下要求我们删除您的数据的权利;
  • The right to ask us to restrict our processing of your data in certain circumstances;
  • The right to object to our processing of your data in certain circumstances;
  • 在某些情况下, the right to require us to give you the data we hold about you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format so that you can provide the data to another data controller.

您可以行使上述任何权利, 免费, 通过使用我们与您通信中规定的任何适用方法, 或者通过电子邮件bwin体育苹果下载iOS 就上述大多数权利而言, 您的权利可能受到数据保护立法的限制, for example where our processing of data is for the purposes of the establishment, 对法律要求的行使或辩护. 因此,我们可能无法或被要求满足您的要求, 但如果有必要,我们会按照你的要求与你讨论. Also, we may need more information from you, which we will ask you for following your request. We may ask you to provide further information in order to confirm your identity. Please also note that if you submit unfounded or excessive (for example repetitive) requests to exercise any of these rights, we reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for providing the requested information or taking the requested action, 或者拒绝你的请求.




饼干 are small text files which a website may place on your computer or device when you visit a site. The cookie will help the website to recognise your device the next time you visit.

We use cookies to improve functionality and provide you with a better browsing experience. 我们可以用它们来:

  • help us understand how you are using our website so we can improve your experience and our content
  • 记住您的登录信息 
  • track analytics, deliver tailored and relevant advertising and messaging on other websites 
  • 定制我们的社交媒体广告


如果没有cookie, LFA网站上的一些基本功能可能无法工作, and having other cookies switched off can affect the way you’ll be able to enjoy our website.


Cookie Name 类别及用途


自身的 至关重要的
用来记住用户对cookie的选择 LFA. 用户先前表示偏好的地方, 该用户的首选项将存储在此cookie中.



自身的 至关重要的
This non-persistent cookie allows our website to remember users within a website when they move between web pages.



自身的 至关重要的
Used to help with site security in preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.




第三方 功能/性能
Used to collect information about how visitors use our website - we use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the website and to measure the performance of LFA ads placed on Google pages. The cookies collect information in a way that does not directly identify anyone, 包括网站和博客的访问量, 访问者从哪里来到网站,他们访问了哪些页面.


remote_sid *

第三方 功能/性能
We embed videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode may set cookies on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-enhanced mode.
阅读更多  YouTube的嵌入视频信息页面.




第三方 功能/性能
我们嵌入视频从我们的官方Vimeo频道. When you press play Vimeo will drop third party cookies to enable the the video to play and to collect analytics data such as how long a viewer has watched the video. 这些cookie不跟踪个人.



第三方 功能
cookie用于存储和跟踪跨网站的访问. 用于衡量放置在FB页面上的LFA广告的性能.



第三方 跟踪
Set by a third party (双击) and used for serving targeted advertisements that are relevant to you across the web. Targeted advertisements may be displayed to you based on your previous visits to 这个网站. 例如, advertisements about a topic you have expressed an interest in while browsing our site may be displayed t you across the web. In addition, these cookies measure the conversion rate of ads presented to the user. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 如果您希望在您的浏览器上禁用双击cookies,请访问 这个网站.


You can control and manage cookies using your browser (see below for details).

Please note that removing or blocking cookies can impact your user experience and some functionality may no longer be available.

对于一些移动设备, it may be necessary to consult the device’s instruction manual to manage cookies effectively.


Most browsers allow you to view, manage, delete and block cookies for a website. Be aware that if you delete all cookies then any preferences you have set will be lost, including the ability to opt-out from cookies as this function itself requires placement of an opt out cookie on your device. 关于如何控制普通浏览器的cookie的指导链接如下.




我们的网站使用cookie,通过使用我们的网站,您同意使用这些cookie. 有关我们使用的cookie的更多详细信息,请参阅我们的 饼干页面. 是的,我同意